House # 562 ( 4th Floor ), Road-08 ( New ) Avenue -03 , DOHS Mirpur, Dhaka-1216 , Bangladesh

Offer & Services


We offer to provide support of a trained professional team to our distinguished partner/clients. We assume complete responsibility to make our client's buying experience out of Bangladesh simple and profitable. Keeping in mind the difficulties faced by the importers in sourcing high quality apparel and rightfully offers experienced, quality concise, ethical, honest and dedicated services.

As part of our functional responsibilities we facilitate the following:

  •     Sourcing complaint factory
  •     Evaluation of factory
  •     Selection of factory
  •     Identification of product source
  •     Sourcing quality materials
  •     Logistic planning
  •     Price Negotiation
  •     Sample development
  •     Production management & follow up production
  •     Factory compliance audits
  •     Quality assurance and inspections
  •     Logistic support up to the port of discharge
  •     Professionals quality control
  •     Delivery at schedule date
  •     Assists on buyers visit

Assists on Buyers visit:

We accompany our buyers on their buying visits, factory visits and inspection visits. We help them with and arrange their itinerary and accommodation on their visits. We also orient the buyers on norms of the business practice in the country, its culture, customs and tradition to make their visit fruitful and enjoyable.

Work as partner/agent/representative/local office of buyers:

We are also ready to work as a local agent/representative of interested buyer of any countries. Moreover any buyer can operate their local office in Bangladesh as well as in South Asia by using our skilled manpower, office & other facilities. We provide all kinds of technical & professional services as per buyer requirements.